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  • Ninja Name Generator  151)   Ninja Name Generator 1.5
    You can generate your own ninja name from your name using this tool. Just type your real name and click generate.

  • Slingo  152)   Slingo
    Slingo is a game that combines elements of Bingo and the slot machines.

  • Shuffle It 2  153)   Shuffle It 2 2.0
    This is our original Shuffle-It game on steroids. Change the grid size and color and use numbers, roman numerals or letters.

  • New Super Mario Bros Cheats  154)   New Super Mario Bros Cheats 1.0
    A free list of cheats for New Super Mario Bros. Wii, including secrets to unlock: - Easy & infinite lives - Hidden easter eggs - Auto pilot mode - And lots more !...

  • Moraff's KidJongg  155)   Moraff's KidJongg 1.1
    Moraff's KidJongg tile sets are created by kids for kids and adults alike. It's a great version to use to introduce your young ones to the popular mahjong tile game and yet it remains challenging to everyone in the family.

  • CribSol - Cribbage Solitaire  156)   CribSol - Cribbage Solitaire 8.00
    Play by building four cribbage hands one row at a time until four hands of four cards have been built. Then the crib hand and the "cut" card are shown and the score is tallied. You win the CribSol by breaking 180 points over 5 rounds.

  • Franklin the Turtle After School  157)   Franklin the Turtle After School
    Franklin the Turtle After School lets kids play with Franklin and friends from the wonderful world of the animated TV series Franklin the Turtle.

  • Worms  158)   Worms 2
    As one of the most popular game downloads this is a modern classic.

  • Starbrite  159)   Starbrite 2.0
    Hours of fun! Starbrite is fun game where kids can easily make beautiful drawings with colored lights. Once complete, their masterpieces can be exported as jpeg, gif or bitmap for emailing to friends and family, or using as the Windows wallpaper.

  • Aquarium Fish  160)   Aquarium Fish 1.0
    Are you bored with the same old classical puzzles ? Try our FREE "Aquarium Fish" puzzles !! You can choose to play for points, or time. Difficulty levels allow to test skills of a child or the most advanced player.

  • Master Qwan's Mahjongg  161)   Master Qwan's Mahjongg
    Learn how to play the ancient game of solitaire mahjongg under the tutelage of Master Qwan.

  • Activites Plus  162)   Activites Plus 5.6
    This easy to use program lets you play crossword puzzles and more

  • Vengeance or Bust  163)   Vengeance or Bust 2.4
    Vengeance or Bust is three games in one! High-resolution 3-D graphics and dynamic sound. Exciting game-play through 12 levels in this shareware version. Fun for children and adults of all ages. Get the full version and get 40 action-packed levels!

  • xAtaxx fo Pocket PC  165)   xAtaxx fo Pocket PC 1.1
    Play ataxx on your Pocket PC Ataxx is board game similar to Othello, but quite different .The object of the game is to have the majority of your stones on the board at the end of the game.

  • Detox  167)   Detox 3.1
    Get hooked on drug policy! Score interdepartmental brownie points by bouncing addicts between services until the system collapses and you get to present the taxpayer with the bill!

  • RoboToys Xonix  170)   RoboToys Xonix 2.0
    A remake of a famous game with new bonuses and thoroughly balanced gameplay. The game features the original soundtrack, which adds a new dimension to the game giving it the unique action feeling.

  • Simbabwe  171)   Simbabwe 1.6
    Welcome to Simbabwe, where the property is already owned and the houses built and you compete to burn and dispossess them. Bounce around the map plundering farms, denying grain silos to opposition supporters and robbing the community chest.

  • Mega Brain Splashing 4  172)   Mega Brain Splashing 4 1.0
    They came, they saw and they conquered. You are the last man alive; can you avenge humanity and bring an end to the murderous aliens in this furious mix of Gauntlet and Smash TV?

  • Alice's Magical Mahjong  173)   Alice's Magical Mahjong 1.05
    Head down the rabbit hole for fanciful mahjong fun with a hidden object twist! Inspired by Lewis Carroll's classic story, Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, Alice's Magical Mahjong is an imaginative journey through a charming world.

  • Boggle  174)   Boggle
    Boggle is the three-minute fast-paced word search game that everyone in the family can play together.

  • Arkanoid Games Pack!  175)   Arkanoid Games Pack! 1.0
    Games pack contains four different remakes of classic Arkanoid - Sav-Arkan II, Doomball, Arkanoid 3D and Arkanoid The Virtual Isles. The main goal of the game is always the one: you breake different bricks gathering bonuses to pass level after level.

  • QeepIt  176)   QeepIt 1.3.02
    QeepIt is designed to organize ToDo-Lists very fast. It can be used in realtime during a telephon call. Set priorities by moving important notes to the top. A mask function for use as a small and handy data base application.

  • Crystal for BOUNCIN' (PocketPC)  177)   Crystal for BOUNCIN' (PocketPC) 1.6
    Watch Crystal strip for you as you clear levels on the "Keys" and Keys II" boards. Check out the FREE trial version, and then purchase the uncensored "Full" version where Crystal takes it all off in 36 different poses!

  • Gemstones  178)   Gemstones 1.4
    The ultimate in online fruit machine simulators, Gemstones has a colourful gem theme. Features include £15.00 Jackpot, reel holds, skill stop, music and sound effects. Play offline or add the game to your own website.

  • Let's Explore the Airport  179)   Let's Explore the Airport
    Let's Explore the Airport captures all of the fun energy and excitement of a real working airport.

  • Driver  180)   Driver
    Driver puts players right in the middle of the action and behind the wheel of the most wanted getaway car.

  • Street Legal Racing Redline  181)   Street Legal Racing Redline
    The streets come alive after the sun goes down and you're behind the wheel of a high octane super charged import that takes no prisoners.

  • 3D Checkers Unlimited  182)   3D Checkers Unlimited 1.0
    For players at all levels challenging the computer. International or British checker board and rules. Various 3D camera settings and view in 2D. Stroke suggested and ability of playback. You can challenge the computer, a local or a networked opponent

  • Astrobeer  183)   Astrobeer 1.0
    Based on the classic game Astroids. Pilot your rocket powered beer truck through a sea of beer while eliminating kegs, six-packs, bottles, and cops throwing donuts!

  • Soko Hunter  184)   Soko Hunter 2.30
    Soko Hunter is a very addictive strategy game similar to the classic game Sokoban.

  • Custom Radio for Grand Theft Auto 3 (GTA III)  185)   Custom Radio for Grand Theft Auto 3 (GTA III) 1.0
    Customize the music in Grand Theft Auto today! Import your own MP3s and MP3 Playlists right into the game itself! No longer will you have to listen to the same boring music over and over in GTA III.

  • IQ Game  186)   IQ Game 1.3
    IQ Game is a famous logic puzzle that will increase your IQ level. It is quick to play, much to think, and think in advance. You will play against computer in two modes: "Pinky" or "Brain". The goal is to occupy as much cells as possible.

  • Alien War - Web Page Edition  187)   Alien War - Web Page Edition 1.4
    Alien War is an arcade style shoot-em up game. A freeware java game which you may play here or freely add to your own web pages. Full instructions for adding to your own web pages are included.

  • Spot a Word  188)   Spot a Word 1.0
    Enjoy super word puzzler. Make words in six langages. Enjoy three modes of the game. Boast your skills in Word Master by combining words, try yourself in Polyglot Game or master foreign languages in Teacher mode. Become a Word Master!

  • Quarter-Horse-Play  190)   Quarter-Horse-Play 2.4.0
    Designed to show you what it's like to gamble at the race track, Quarter-Horse-Play is a horse racing simulator you can actually play off the computer on a game-board-like setting. Plus, you can learn about such things as: win odds and tote boards

  • Maze Maker  191)   Maze Maker 2.0
    This free program will create a limitless variety of maze puzzles. You can change colors, size, etc. Very addictive and great for keeping the kids busy on long trips.

  • Shashki  192)   Shashki 5.0.8
    Shashki is played by two people, on opposite sides of a playing board, alternating moves. One player has blue pieces, and the other has red pieces. The player who has no pieces left or cannot move anymore has lost the game.

  • Two Handed Solitaire  193)   Two Handed Solitaire 2.0
    Play Two Handed Solitaire on The Windswept Game Network or against a challenging computer opponent.

  • Bantumi  195)   Bantumi 1.1
    Bantumi is the PC remake of the popular Nokia cell phone game "Bantumi". Rules are kept the same, but added some more modififiers and possibilities.

  • Skyracer Impulse  196)   Skyracer Impulse
    Skyracer is a futuristic thrill ride featuring Hovercraft racing.

  • xOffice for PALM  197)   xOffice for PALM 9.0.3
    The xOffice for PALM is collection of classic and non-classic board games for your PALM device. You can purchase all these games separately. But it will be cost you a lot. Much better purchase them all only for $30.00 !

  • Arcade Force Game Directory Browser  198)   Arcade Force Game Directory Browser 1.0
    Internet directory for online (web browser based), console, PC, and emulation games, cheats, and resources in a comprehensive range of game categories and platforms. Categories covered include action, adventure, fighting, horror, Internet, pets, p

  • Paint by Numbers  200)   Paint by Numbers
    With Paint By Numbers you can take any image and convert it into a paint-by-numbers pattern.

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